JFE Shoji Electronics Starts Selling SDxV®-FA

In April our Group company JFE Shoji Electronics Corporation began selling SDxV®-FA, the latest product in the company’s SDxV® series of integrated, video-based remote plant management systems, which offer both cost and labor savings.


SDxV® integrates two systems—a supervisory control and data acquisition system, which manages various plant data, and a video management system—using the company’s proprietary technology. Factors such as the shrinking workforce have created an urgent need to digitally transform manufacturing facilities, increasing the demand for video surveillance.


Unfortunately, many small and medium-sized sites find that the systems currently available do not match their scales of operation. JFE Shoji Electronics designed SDxV®-FA for SMEs with such concerns. The company developed a new design that pared the basic specifications down to just the essential functions while allowing individual manufacturers to customize the system with the functions they need.


The result is an integrated management system with lower costs and higher customizability than the company’s current offering, SDxV®-Enterprise. The system’s ability to manage batches and lots also allows it to function well in situations where advanced quality control is required, such as in automotive, food, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. SDxV®-FA is also capable of instantly highlighting video footage of detected abnormalities. Data can also be made portable via the use of mobile terminals.


By offering SDxV®-FA, JFE Shoji Electronics is helping manufacturers realize labor savings, pass down skills, and create sustainable environments for the next generation of employees.

For more information, Please contact:
JFE Shoji Corporation
Public Relations Sec. General Administration Dept.

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