Business Introduction


Foods, electronics, the Terre Armée method . . . JFE Shoji’s business domain has expanded far beyond steel.

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    Under the theme “delicious food leads to happiness,” we work to provide safe, reliable and delicious food that enriches the diets of people all over the world. In particular, our Geisha brand canned foods have a history of over a century and are collectively recognized as a national staple in the Middle East and West Africa. We are also known for Nozaki’s Corned Beef, which is sold throughout Japan.

    Kawasho Foods Corporation

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    In addition to developing and selling many high-value-added products worldwide—from semiconductor devices to large-scale equipment such as electronic component mounting setups—we provide total solutions based on our strengths of advanced system proposal capabilities and technical support capabilities that quickly address customer needs.

    JFE Shoji Electronics Corporation

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    Terre Armée

    Since acquiring Japan’s first patent for terre armée—which boasts the world’s best track record among reinforced soil wall methods—we have been constructing and selling this infrastructure solution nationwide. Terre armée uses tough ‘’iron’’ to reinforce ‘’soil’’, making it possible to construct vertically stable soil structures. In addition to the reputation for reliability the method has earned since it was developed in 1963, its high durability has been proven during many major earthquakes.

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