Under the governance system of JFE Holdings, we have developed a unique system suitable for each industry and ensured the best course of action for competitiveness and profitability.

JFE Group’s corporate governance

Initiatives to Raise Compliance Awareness

Comprehensive corporate ethics and legal compliance

(1)Steadily implement training and other programs to thoroughly instill awareness of compliance, even during the COVID-19 pandemic

We believe it is essential to deepen knowledge and awareness of compliance among all members in the organization and to put this into daily practice. As such, we create e-learning materials and our Compliance Guidebook and hold discussion sessions to educate employees on the Antimonopoly Act, the Subcontract Act, the prevention of corruption (such as bribing officials) and more.

(2)Thoroughly institute measures that raise awareness about whistleblowing and consultation hotlines, and strengthen initiatives that address power harassment

We have established compliance and harassment hotlines and are working on comprehensive information management, developing related user manuals, and more.

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