Corporate Information

Message from the President

Increasing our abilities to offer proposals
and convey information as the
JFE Group’s core trading company,
we will seek to grow sustainably with
our customers to be a company with
a strong marker presence.

JFE Shoji Corporation
President and CEO

Toshinori Kobayashi

The JFE Shoji Group is engaged in a broad range of businesses such as steel products, raw materials and machinery, chemical products, ship, food and electronics.

We have established our presence in domestic market as our core business and also in three key regions overseas—namely the Americas, China, and ASEAN—where we are strengthening our network of steel processing centers and expanding purchasing sources to ensure a stable supply of raw materials and machinery. By promptly and appropriately sharing and coordinating strategies between those regions and Japan, we enhance our ability to address customer demand and needs quickly.

And we acknowledge that the role of companies is expanded as we are expected to take in solving global environmental and social challenges. We are committed to contribute to sustainable society by providing environmentally friendly products and recycling resources globally through our business.

As the JFE Group’s core trading company, our aim is to be corporate group which has abilities to offer proposals and convey valuable information and also to grow sustainably with our customers.

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