Osaka Office Participates in Osaka Marathon Cleanup Event

Twenty-two volunteers from the JFE Shoji Osaka Office and Group companies took part in the Osaka Marathon Cleanup on February 20. The cleanup took place at Dojima Avanza—the building where the Osaka Office is located—ahead of the Osaka Marathon held on February 25. This annual cleanup is done to welcome Osaka Marathon runners coming from across Japan and overseas to a clean city.
Despite the unpredictable weather and freezing cold conditions on the day, 122 people working at Dojima Avanza tenant companies gathered in front of the building’s west main entrance at 4 p.m. Using special garbage bags the city supplied, they cleaned up the Avanza open public spaces and surrounding streets for about half an hour, picking up a total of 9.5 kilograms of garbage (including 7.7 kg of combustible garbage, 1.4 kg of noncombustible garbage, and 0.4 kg of other types of waste). Seeing just how much litter was on the streets they use to commute to work boosted the participants’ awareness of the need to keep the city clean.
The JFE Shoji Group will continue to promote social contribution activities like this cleanup.

For more information, Please contact:
JFE Shoji Corporation
Public Relations Sec. General Administration Dept.

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