Kawasho Foods Exhibits at Supermarket Trade Show 2024

Kawasho Foods Corporation exhibited at Supermarket Trade Show 2024 at Makuhari Messe from February 14 to 16. One of Japan’s largest food-related trade shows, the Supermarket Trade Show brings together domestic and international food products, including regional products from all over Japan, the latest equipment and materials, as well as information and services related to store development and sales promotion. This year’s event drew over 75,000 people.

Kawasho Foods promoted its flagship Nozaki’s Corned Beef as well as its new Hon-Uma beer, looking to attract new customers and expand sales to existing ones. The company gave out samples of these products at its booth, giving attendees a chance to taste Kawasho’s offerings.

Kawasho Foods will continue to proactively participate in trade shows and other events to promote its safe, reliable, and great-tasting foods.

For more information, Please contact:
JFE Shoji Corporation
Public Relations Sec. General Administration Dept.

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