JFE Shoji Annual Safety Prayer Ritual at Kanda Shrine

The JFE Shoji Technical Planning & Support Department performed the company’s annual safety prayer ritual at Kanda Shrine in Tokyo on January 16. The department visits the shrine to pray for the health and safety of JFE Shoji Group employees and their families.

This year, the nine members who attended the ritual were Executive Vice President Yoshitsugu Kobayashi, Executive Vice President Shotaro Tsumura, Managing Executive Officer Takanori Adachi, Technical Planning & Support Department general manager Masaki Ito, and five staffers from the Technical Planning & Support Department’s Safety & Industrial Health Team. Kobayashi made the ritual offering of tamagushi (sacred branches).

Due to the nature of our manufacturing facilities, where people work in spaces containing large pieces of machinery, moving objects and other hazards, there is always a risk of accidents.

The JFE Shoji Group’s philosophy is that safety takes precedence over everything else, and we are committed to promoting safety and health activities designed to prevent occupational accidents. Among other things, that includes raising employee awareness of safety and improving their working environment, and striving to ensure that employees can work with peace of mind. We will continue our safety and health activities on a Group-wide basis so that employees can safely perform their work and return home without incident every day.

For more information, Please contact:
JFE Shoji Corporation
Public Relations Sec. General Administration Dept.

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