JFE Shoji Annual J-Muscle Presentations

JFE Shoji held the annual presentations on our J-Muscle operational reform activities from November 10 and 13 and on December 18 and 19 last year.
We have been working on these operational reform activities, known as J-Slim, since 2008. On J-Slim’s fifteenth anniversary 2023, we rebranded these reforms as J-Muscle. We will continue to pursue J-Muscle activities, which are designed to boost operational value by strengthening the mindset of adding value and improving operational efficiency.
The annual presentations were once again held online, with presentations given by 22 organizations, including 15 internal organizations selected from the division of JFE Shoji and 7 domestic and overseas Group companies. An average of 120 JFE Shoji Group employees viewed this year’s presentations to learn about the improvement activities of each organization.
The presentations were characterized by an increase in the number of reports on efforts to collaborate with partners inside and outside the company. This included organizations forming cross-functional teams within their divisions to tackle common issues, as well as others that engaged in system development in cooperation with customers and suppliers.
At JFE Shoji, we believe that continuous change—even if the change is small—strengthens the company’s constitution, and we foster a corporate culture of always seeking change. We will continue J- Muscle activities to reexamine the way we work, think, and tackle challenges, thereby creating new systems with higher productivity.

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JFE Shoji Corporation
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