Osaka Sheet & Strip Department Softball Tournament

The Osaka Sheet & Strip Department played its annual softball tournament on December 3 at Maishima Sports Island in Konohana Ward, Osaka City. Since 2017, this event has been organized by the Koryukai, an intercompany social network the department and eight coil center companies formed. More than 100 people from 9 companies took the field this year. This was actually the fourth year for the tournament, which was canceled during the pandemic.

The eight other participating companies were Ohmi Sangyo Co., Ltd.; Osaka Kowaz, Inc.; Godai Inc.; Sankyo Noritake Steel Co., Ltd.; JFE Shoji Kohnan Steel Center Co., Ltd; Daiyu Steel Co., Ltd.; Naigai Steel Corporation; and Hirouchi Steel Co., Ltd. JFE Shoji Corporation formed a joint team together with Godai this time out. JFE Shoji Kohnan Steel Center emerged victorious, marking their second victory. Sankyo Noritake Steel and Naigai Steel took second and third places, respectively.

After the tournament, an awards ceremony and reception took place at Ohmi Sangyo, where trophies were presented and the MVPs were announced. Okazaki from the victorious JFE Shoji Kohnan Steel Center commented: “Our win this year was the result of watching and studying the games Naigai Steel played, since they’d won the championship twice before. We couldn’t have won this competition without them.” The winning team received thunderous applause from their fellow competitors.

For more information, Please contact:
JFE Shoji Corporation
Public Relations Sec. General Administration Dept.

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