JSSM Holds Health Week 2023

JFE Shoji Steel Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (President: Yuzuru Naruse; “JSSM”) put on JSSM Health Week 2023 from September 16 to 27. This event was designed to make our employees safer, healthier and more comfortable at work.


For example, the program gave participants the opportunity to review their daily eating habits with healthy menu options served in the company cafeteria at lunch. Other activities included physical checkups, blood donations, and Recycle Day, with employees bringing in items for recycling. President Naruse gave a tennis lesson on September 22, and on September 26, about thirty participants worked up a sweat during a badminton tournament. These sporting events help employees maintain their health and interact more, providing a forum for communication.


Out of concern for employee health, JSSM also holds an annual body mass index (BMI) contest. Participants get weighed quarterly for this, and the top five with improved BMI receive awards at the end of the year. Morning stretches and Zumba exercises are also performed alternately every month before work starts so that employees get more daily exercise.


The aim is to reduce medical costs as well as to improve employees’ lifestyles, boost their motivation, and reduce stress by getting them to pay attention to their health. The company believes these activities will improve employee health now and in the future. JSSM will continue to provide activities that help employees put their wellbeing first.


(2023 BMI Contest Winners)

No.1: Muhammad Syahir (Shipping Section) – 14.9 kg


No.2: Mohd Arif MD Sahri (Production Control Section) – 9.9 kg


No.3: Shaari Bin Salleh Hudin (Slitting Section) – 9.7 kg


No.4: Tuan Muhmmad Aris (Packing Section) – 4.2 kg


No.5: Suhaini Mohamad Talib (Safety/HRGA) – 4.1 kg


For more information, Please contact:
JFE Shoji Corporation
Public Relations Sec. General Administration Dept.

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