JFE Group Exhibits at EcoPro 2023

The JFE Group participated in EcoPro 2023 (SDGs Week EXPO), which took place at Tokyo Big Sight from December 6 to 8. The expo is a chance for exhibitors to promote their SDG initiatives to companies and students, including solutions and technologies for dealing with various environmental problems and societal issues.
JFE Shoji used wall panels to tell visitors about an initiative of its Biomass Fuel Department and offshore wind-power generation that the JFE Group is working on as a whole. Biomass fuels were explained with an exhibit featuring pellet fuels—actual biomass fuels that you rarely see in everyday life, such as palm kernel shells, which were once simply discarded—along with thinned wood harvested while growing forests and wood scraps generated by lumber mills.
In the offshore wind-power generation exhibit, the company used a wind turbine model that can generate electricity even when fanned with a handheld paper fan. This made people more aware of the JFE Group’s offshore wind-power generation. Each panel included a quiz, and visitors who answered the questions received novelties such as a clear folder created to commemorate the JFE Group’s TV commercial featuring comedy duo Sandwich Man.
The Group’s booth attracted 3,323 visitors over the three days, nearly 70 percent of whom were elementary to university-level students. Many visitors said they recognized the JFE Group from the commercial. This provided a solid sense that the ad, which has been aired on TV since the end of the year before last, has increased the JFE Group’s name recognition.

For more information, Please contact:
JFE Shoji Corporation
Public Relations Sec. General Administration Dept.

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