Social Contribution: Collecting Fallen Branches in Yoyogi Park

On November 23, about fifty JFE Shoji Group employees and their family members picked up fallen branches in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo during one of our new initiatives for environment-related events that are part of our social contribution activities.
Under the guidance of the Lifestyle Research Institute of Forests—a nonprofit organization with strengths in forestry and environmental activities—participants picked up branches within their assigned areas. The collected branches were later dried and turned into wood chips at the park’s processing facility.
The wood chips are used to improve the park’s roads and flowerbeds. In addition, removing the branches beautifies the park, promotes the recycling of trees, and helps prevent people from tripping over them and getting injured.
The participants were divided into three teams, and they picked up fallen branches in their assigned areas at their own pace. The branches varied in size, with the biggest measuring almost two meters long. The children who participated were able to take breaks and eat the snacks provided, so they worked hard to the end without getting bored. Some employees even brought their dogs with them. After about two hours of work, large numbers of branches were piled up on the blue sheets. Following the cleanup, the event ended with participants enjoying a boxed lunch and socializing with each other.
We decided to hold this event because the awareness survey we conducted on social contribution in September revealed that many employees wanted to participate in environment-related activities that their family and friends could easily join in on. As part of our efforts to realize a more sustainable society, the JFE Shoji Group will continue to come together to promote such social contribution activities, including ones that raise awareness of environmental beautification.

For more information, Please contact:
JFE Shoji Corporation
Public Relations Sec. General Administration Dept.

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