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  • [Social Contribution Activities] Donating Canned Goods and School Supplies to Nigeria and Ghana

[Social Contribution Activities] Donating Canned Goods and School Supplies to Nigeria and Ghana

JFE Shoji and our Group company Kawasho Foods donated 12,500 cans of pickled mackerel in tomato sauce, 435 sets of school desks and chairs, and 17,000 notebooks to 15 schools in Nigeria and Ghana as part of their social contribution activities. This marked the thirteenth year for this annual food and educational support activity.

The donation ceremony in Nigeria took place on December 6 and was covered by local newspapers and TV stations. About 30 officials—including Kotaro Murata, manager at Kawasho Foods (Gulf) and Education Ministry Secretary Femi Majekodunmi—125 teachers and students, and 15 members of the media were on hand. In his guest address, Majekodunmi expressed gratitude for the donation and his hope and joy that the food and other items will help the students to learn and grow.

JFE Shoji and Kawasho Foods celebrated the hundredth anniversary of the Geisha brand in 2011, and began this initiative to support food and education. It is carried out annually as a part of their international contributions to maintaining and developing the Geisha brand and to express gratitude to consumers. The donated products include locally manufactured products and Geisha brand canned pickled mackerel in tomato sauce selected based on local preferences to support economic activity in both countries.

As a brand that seeks to be loved for years to come, Geisha will continue to supply food and support education to assist in the healthy growth of children and the creation of a more affluent society.

[Donation Overview]
Nigeria (ten schools in Ogun State)
Donation: 7,500 cans of food, 320 desk and chair sets, and 11,000 notebooks

Ghana (four schools in Greater Accra, and one in Volta)
Donation: 5,000 cans of food, 115 desk and chair sets, and 6,000 notebooks

We received a message of gratitude from the school we donated !

The donated notebooks featured an original design

The media covered the ceremony

For more information, Please contact:
JFE Shoji Corporation
Public Relations Sec. General Administration Dept.

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