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  • Technical Planning & Support Department Holds Eleventh Domestic Group Company J1 Presentation Conference

Technical Planning & Support Department Holds Eleventh Domestic Group Company J1 Presentation Conference

The Technical Planning & Support Department hosted the eleventh Domestic Group Company J1 Presentation Conference virtually on November 21. Twelve domestic JFE Shoji Group companies and fourteen business sites presented improvement measures and safety activities that have boosted productivity and operating rates.

Domestic Group companies have been conducting J1 activities as part of their efforts to solve manufacturing challenges in areas such as safety, quality, operations, and delivery deadlines. The Domestic Group Company J1 Presentation Conference is held annually to report the results of these activities, and awards are presented for outstanding initiatives. More than a hundred people watched online as the companies gave presentations on their initiatives, the results were reported, and the prizes awarded.

JFE Shoji Electrical Steel Co., Ltd.’s Chiba Factory received the grand prix award. The factory’s innovative ideas for improving the jig and revising procedures during the inefficient slitting process led to a major increase in productivity, earning great praise. The excellence award went to Hanwa Kozai Co., Ltd.’s Yoshikawa Factory, which analyzed and fixed leveling line stoppages, reducing the number of stoppages and improving yield rates.

At the awards ceremony, Managing Executive Officer Takanori Adachi said: “I was pleased to see participants engaged in J1 activities for the sake of the company and their own growth. The companies gave easy-to-understand presentations covering everything from identifying to solving the issue. I hope these awards will motivate them to keep pursuing improvement activities.”

The JFE Shoji Group will continue to promote activities to solve various problems in the workplace and roll out information to improve productivity and safety at each company.

During the awards ceremony

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