JFE Shoji Terre One Holds Distributors Association General Meeting

 JFE Shoji Group company JFE Shoji Terre One Corporation held the twenty-fourth general meeting of the JFE Shoji Terre One Distributors Association on November 16 at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo.

 This meeting usually takes place every two years, and is meant to enhance camaraderie and solidarity among the members through sales of the terre armée reinforced earth method. This meeting was the first in five years due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, however.

 About 110 trading partners and stakeholders from all over Japan attended. Chairman Kentaro Kano (Asahi Concrete Works Co., Ltd. president) opened the meeting with remarks expressing his hope that promoting terre armée sales will bolster everyone’s business. Next, in his representative address, JFE Shoji Terre One President Toru Kawamoto stated that the company is promoting two themes: “Not only roads” and “Not only terre armée.” After that, Kenichi Tokida—who was invited as a guest and is chairman of the Japan Terre Armée Association—spoke about contributing to disaster prevention, disaster mitigation and national resiliency. Following the lecture, Philippe Héry, COO of Terre Armée, gave an update on terre armée worldwide. During the awards ceremony, Nippon Kanryu Industry Co., Ltd. received the highest achievement award. At the afterparty, world champion street artist Performer SYO! livened things up with a performance.

JFE Shoji Terre One president and representative director/Toru Kawamoto

JFE Shoji Terre One Distributors Association chairman and Asahi Concrete Works president and representative director/Kentaro Kano

Awards ceremony


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