JFE Shoji Labor Union holds its annual wine party

The JFE Shoji Labor Union held its annual wine party on November 16—the release date of this year’s Beaujolais nouveau wine, which our Group company Kawasho Foods Corporation imports. The party was held online, and about seventy people attended.

To start things off, Masato Egawa from the JFE Shoji Labor Union and Wataru Sugimoto from Kawasho Foods performed a comedic dance routine entitled “Wine and Corned Beef Calisthenics” to warm up the crowd. Afterward, sommelier Shigenori Izawa and French wine producer Martin Romeijn discussed the basics of Beaujolais nouveau, including how it is made, and commented on this year’s vintage.

Some of the party’s other exciting amusements included the debut of the Nozaki Corned Beef zip-up hoodie, a collaboration between Nozaki Corned Beef of Kawasho Foods and apparel maker Hardcore Chocolate, Ltd. The party finished off with a grand lottery offering fantastic prizes from JFE Food Bazaar, the e-commerce site operated by Kawasho Foods exclusively for JFE Group employees. They included bacon and sausage gift sets, Japanese sweets from well-known confectionaries, and more. The prizes were shipped out later to the winners.

We received many comments from satisfied participants, such as “the opening comedy routine was great,” and “learning more about Beaujolais nouveau made it taste better than ever.”


Click here for more on the Nozaki Corned Beef hoodie collaboration.

ノザキのコンビーフZIPパーカ(枕缶アイビーグリーン) – ホラーにプロレス!カンフーにカルト映画!アパレル界の悪童 ハードコアチョコレート公式通販(オンラインショップ) (shop-pro.jp)

(in Japanese only)

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