JFE Shoji Provides Sales Training for Steel Business Unit Staff

JFE Shoji’s Steel Business Planning & Coordination Department put on a sales training session on November 8 and 9 for second-year Steel Business Unit employees. Forty employees from JFE Shoji and Group companies attended the session, which was done in-person for the first time in four years. The stated goal was for participants to confirm their current business knowledge and firm up their foundation by acquiring the knowledge needed to perform their duties as the next step to becoming mid-level employees.
The first day included an explanation of the Seventh Medium-Term Business Plan, a presentation about preventing the delivery of off-standard materials , and then a talk by JFE Steel’s Sho Hirono and Kunimitsu Honna about subjects including production management and monthly accounting tasks . On day two, the trainees participated in group discussions on the topic “What will be JFE Shoji’s challenges and opportunities a decade from now?” before giving presentations.
Speaking on the outcomes of the training, one participant commented: “I tend to take a micro view, since I’m usually busy with my immediate work, but the briefing on the Medium-Term Business Plan and the lecture by the JFE Steel team gave me an opportunity to consider things from a macro view based on company policy.”
Another commented: “This training reinforced the fact that we’re working toward that goal. Because the training was held in-person, I was able to deepen my friendship with my peers, including those from Group companies, making it a very meaningful experience.”

Okayama Sub-branch / Hideto Aizawa

Osaka stainless & Special Steel Dept. / Yuki Omata

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JFE Shoji Corporation
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