JFE Shoji Electronics Exhibits at IoT Solutions Expo

Our Group company JFE Shoji Electronics Corporation participated in the ninth IoT Solutions Expo (Autumn) held at Makuhari Messe from October 25 to 27. This expo features an array of the latest solutions, ranging from remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and production management to local 5G and IoT data utilization, as well as devices such as communication modules and sensors. Around forty thousand professionals in charge of planning and development, DX promotion and production departments from industries such as manufacturing, social infrastructure and distribution services visited during the event. To cultivate new customers, JFE Shoji Electronics promoted its video solution services, which are designed to boost work efficiency and prevent accidents at plants and other worksites prone to accidents.

Two significant challenges facing worksites are labor shortages and safety management. Even when work rules are in place, in many cases there are issues related to safety management due to the presence of hazardous materials and worksite areas. JFE Shoji Electronics introduced its Safety AI System and SDxV® (SCADA x VMS) solutions to booth visitors facing such issues—both of which leverage the company’s strength in video technology—as products that can improve the working environment for their onsite workers, reduce workplace accidents and increase productivity.

JFE Shoji Electronics will continue participating in this expo and proposing solutions for labor shortages and safety management that make use of its proprietary DX services designed for worksites.

[Product details here]
Safety AI System: 安全AIシステム |  (jfe-shoji-ele.co.jp) (in Japanese only)
SDxV®(SCADA×VMS): SDxVⓇ (SCADA × VMS)  (jfe-shoji-ele.co.jp)


For more information, Please contact:
JFE Shoji Corporation
Public Relations Sec. General Administration Dept.

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