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  • Technical Planning & Support Department Hosts Twelfth Overseas Group Company Technical Conference

Technical Planning & Support Department Hosts Twelfth Overseas Group Company Technical Conference

The Technical Planning & Support Department held the twelfth Overseas Group Company Technical Conference online on November 1 and 2. The conference rolls out information across the Group by having overseas Group companies present the results of their improvement activities in health and safety, quality, operations, facilities, costs and other areas. On the day of the conference, fifteen overseas Group companies gave presentations while President and CEO Toshinori Kobayashi, four directors and other managing executive officers watched and listened.

“I’m very encouraged to see that the number of technology-focused improvement activities is increasing steadily,” Kobayashi commented at the end. “It’s because those of you who actually do the work are implementing these activities that you can identify themes and devise creative solutions. The results of your many hours of practice were evident in presentations that were clear, concise and easy to understand. These activities represent a key initiative, and I have high expectations for them. I hope you’ll all start working on new themes tomorrow.”

The companies that gave outstanding presentations received commendations at a later date. The President’s Award from President Kobayashi went to Zhejiang JFE Shoji Steel Products Co., Ltd.; JFE Shoji Steel Hai Phong Co., Ltd. received the Vice President’s Award from Yoshitsugu Kobayashi; Shotaro Tsumura gave the Vice President’s Award to Steel Alliance Service Center Co., Ltd.; and Central Metals (Thailand) Ltd earned the Technical Planning & Support Department’s Award.

We will continue to share and promote the initiatives of our Group companies through this conference, tying it into improving our technical capabilities in plant management.

Zhejiang JFE Shoji Steel Products won the President’s Award

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