JFE Shoji Terre One Corporation Wins Second Consecutive Best Paper Award

On September 12, Group company JFE Shoji Terre One Corporation (Terre One) received its second consecutive Best Paper Award at the 20th Annual Civil Engineering, Architectural, and Building Materials Technical Paper Presentations , organized by the JFE Steel Construction Materials Engineering Department.

The Best Paper Award was established last fiscal year. This year, JFE Group companies presented a total of eighty-five research papers. Terre One published two, with one of them presented by Shuhei Kubota being the award-winning “Development of a Monitoring System for Efficient Maintenance and Management of Civil Infrastructure.”

Through its sales activities, the team at Terre One has seen firsthand how serious the deterioration of civil engineering infrastructure had become, and consequently how great the need for maintaining and managing this infrastructure is. The authors—Shuhei Kubota, Takehiko Nitta and Yuki Tomoshige—wrote the paper out of a desire to convey the potential and appeal of the civil infrastructure maintenance and management market from a sales perspective.

The winning paper was presented at the event by Kubota of the company’s Kanto Branch , who was accompanied by his coauthors Nitta and Tomoshige from Terre One’s Engineering Department .

A fellow Terre One employees commented: “I think we got the award because he managed to explain a difficult technical paper in a way that is easy for sales staff to understand.” Another noted: “I’m happy to see a collaboration between engineering and sales staff producing results.”

Looking toward winning a third consecutive award next year, the team has already identified a number of potential themes. The Terre One Engineering Department and Sales Department will continue to work together to advance research and expand the company’s business in the civil engineering field.

(Left)Co-auther : Takehiko Nitta、(Right) Presenter : Shuhei Kubota

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