JSHP Hosts Fifth Annual Overseas Plant Manager Conference

On September 13 and 14, JFE Shoji Steel Hai Phong Co., Ltd. (JSHP) hosted the Fifth Annual Overseas Plant Manager Conference. The Technical Planning & Support Department organized this event, which drew 30 managers from 12 JFE Group companies.

The purpose of the conference has two main purposes. The first is to share information on improvements that different Group companies have made in accordance with the plant operation standards the Technical Planning & Support Department established. The second is to promote the adoption of these improvements at other companies.

The conference, which has been held once a year at overseas plants since 2017, also serves as a forum for plant managers at Group companies to communicate.

This year, JSHP gave presentations on a number of their improvement initiatives, which included substantially improving the safety of facility and equipment as well as preventing the shipment of off-standard materials.

A group discussion between all participants followed, sparking a lively exchange of opinions about themes such as preventing the recurrence of accidents. The discussion drove home the importance of simplifying rules and promoting communication.

During a tour of the JSHP plant, participants were able to see firsthand the improvements the company had made, as well as how the plant is managed. They stopped to take up-close looks at how the facilities and equipment differed from those at their own companies and asked questions about the different technical solutions that had been employed, making the tour a very productive experience.

The Technical Planning & Support Department will continue to plan and implement activities like the Overseas Plant Manager Conference to help Group companies improve their plant management capabilities.

JSHP Plant ManagerMr. Binh explains the company’s various improvement initiatives to an enthusiastic audience

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