JSSP Family Day !

JFE Shoji Steel Philippines, Inc. (JSSP) held their Family Day on August 12, drawing 105 employees and 224 of their family members.

On the day, everyone wore matching t-shirts and met at the Multipurpose Pavilion of Laguna Technopark, the company’s home base. After viewing a slideshow and reminiscing about past Family Days, participants watched a safety video the company produced that stars JSSP employees.

President and CEO Kazumi Saito then presented certificates, stationery and other commemorative gifts to the children attending who were able to graduate from elementary school, junior high school or high school thanks in part to JSSP’s educational subsidy system, which is just one of its employee benefits.

Jollibee, the national fast food of the Philippines, catered the event. The children were delighted when the Jollibee mascot took to the stage. They also enjoyed doing popular TikTok dances together with the mascot.

E veryone went to JSSP for plant tours and a group photo after that. Employee family members toured the plant while listening to the employees explain how steel is processed. The group then headed for the Enchanted Kingdom in Santa Rosa, Laguna, the country’s first major theme park. Attendees celebrated those having August birthdays and took pictures with the theme park’s characters.

JSSP focuses on Family Day as a key facet of its engagement with employees and their families, which inspires a sense of unity. The company will continue to plan events like this that promote greater understanding of the company among employees and their families.

[Event Schedule]
Meet at the Laguna Technopark Multipurpose Pavilion

Watch slides and videos about previous Family Days and workplace safety

President and CEO Saito presents awards and token gifts to school graduates

Jollibee food and mascot stage show

Move to JSSP for plant tours and group photo

On to the Enchanted Kingdom to celebrate August birthdays and take photos with Eldar the Wizard

For more information, Please contact:
JFE Shoji Corporation
Public Relations Sec. General Administration Dept.

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