JFE Shoji Group Conducts Simultaneous Comprehensive Disaster Drills

The JFE Shoji Group held simultaneous comprehensive disaster drills on September 19 at its Group companies in Japan. The annual disaster drill’s stated purpose is to present an opportunity for every employee to understand the importance of, think about, and become familiar with the basic actions to take when a disaster that could happen at day or night occurs, such as taking steps to protect themselves and confirming their safety and the safety of others. Some 2,800 JFE Shoji Group domestic employees participated in this year’s drills.

This year’s scenario assumed that a magnitude 7.3 earthquake occurring directly under Tokyo has produced a seismic intensity of 7 in Otemachi, where the Head Office is located. Power outages have disrupted phone service; Internet service remains available but has slowed. After the start of the drill was announced, employees put on their earthquake helmets, sheltered under their desks to ensure their own safety, and then confirmed their safety and that of others. A disaster response task force set up in the Head Office, then began dealing with the power outage and collecting and compiling information.

Each department and section held group readings of materials, and employees double-checked disaster responses on subjects such as ways to protect yourself in a disaster, reporting your safety and that of others, deciding whether it is necessary to return home early in a disaster, and checking emergency supplies. We will continue to conduct regular disaster drills to both protect the safety of our employees and ensure the continuity of our business if a disaster occurs.

For more information, Please contact:
JFE Shoji Corporation
Public Relations Sec. General Administration Dept.

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