Cooperating with a green slow mobility project at Tsuchiura Otsuno Hills!

The third stage of a green slow mobility*1 project was launched this July at the Tsuchiura Otsuno Hills planned community our Real Estate Department developed (scheduled to end on Oct. 22) . The Tsuchiura MaaS Promotion Council—operated by municipalities in the Tsuchiura region of Ibaraki Prefecture, Kanto Railway and other local companies—is overseeing the project.

The Tsuchiura MaaS experiment is designed to introduce new modes of transportation, diversifying the transportation options available to citizens as well as promoting tourist excursions.

It was decided to conduct this demonstration in Otsuno Hills until the end of February of next year to help create a society where everyone can get around easily using services such as AI-based on-demand buses*2 and green slow mobility. We are cooperating by providing part of our Otsuno Hills business site as a bus stop for the green slow mobility services that operate through Otsuno Hills, with stops including Tsuchiura Kyodo Hospital.

We will continue to contribute to the community through activities like this.

*1: An electric bus that operates at low speeds for environmental and safety reasons.
*2: Reservation-only buses with no fixed routes or timetables that use AI to select the optimal route to a passenger’s destination.

For more information, Please contact:
JFE Shoji Corporation
Public Relations Sec. General Administration Dept.

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