JFE Shoji Family Day

Our tenth annual JFE Shoji Family Day took place on August 22, with eighty-two employees and their family members participating. The event had two parts: the junior seminar and the boardroom visit and office tour.
During the junior seminar, participants learned about the daily time schedules of employees and the business of a trading company. Other programs included a quiz competition about steel and a crafting session in which participants made business cards and props to use in the commemorative photos later.

The boardroom visit and office tour started with a greeting from President and CEO Toshinori Kobayashi and taking commemorative photos that included using the props created during the junior seminar. Participants then visited the boardroom for the annual business card exchange event, where they exchanged the business cards they created earlier with Mr. Kobayashi and other directors. The tour of the newly renovated offices incorporated a stamp rally to make it more enjoyable. The children brought their stamp cards and collected the stickers placed throughout the office, all while interacting with the employees. Families who participated in Family Day received gift certificates and sweets from Kawasho Foods, one of our Group companies.

The children who joined the tour provided feedback, such as “the stamp rally was fun” and “I’m glad I was able to see my parents’ workplace.” Their presence brightened the company’s atmosphere and made this a wonderful event. We will continue to hold similar programs to deepen understanding of our company and foster a pleasant workplace that values families.

For more information, Please contact:
JFE Shoji Corporation
Public Relations Sec. General Administration Dept.

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