Sunstar Air Purifier Installed at Head Office Building!

In early August, we installed a Sunstar QAIS air purifier in the Orange Cafe on the twenty-fifth floor of the head office building.
Sunstar is a major customer of the Special Steel Section. Although best known for making toothpaste and toothbrushes, the company got its start in 1932 manufacturing and selling bicycle parts and rubber cement for fixing flats. Sunstar entered the oral care industry in 1946 when its founder got the idea to sell toothpaste in the same metal tubes Sunstar used for rubber cement.
Today, the company operates in four fields: the consumer goods fields of oral care and health and beauty, as well as the industrial goods fields, chemicals and motorcycle parts. JFE Shoji primarily provides Sunstar with the stainless steel and special steel they use to make motorcycle sprockets and brake discs.

Because of its stylish design, we decided to install the QAIS air purifier at the Orange Cafe, which is a frequent destination for employees at the head office. We have also purchased and installed three units in conference rooms at the Osaka Office.
These air purifiers have a truly refined design. Take a look the next time you visit the Orange Cafe!

For more information, Please contact:
JFE Shoji Corporation
Public Relations Sec. General Administration Dept.

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