JFE Food Bazaar Holds a Coffee Seminar

JFE Food Bazaar—the online food shop Kawasho Foods Corporation runs exclusively for JFE Group employees—held a coffee seminar on June 14 at the Shin-Otemachi Building to promote the specialty coffees it sells.

Fourteen JFE Shoji Group employees attended the seminar. In his presentation,PICO FOOD SERVICE Co., Ltd. President So Tanabe conveyed the appeal of specialty coffee, and also offered a lot of practical information about various topics, such as how to buy and properly store coffee beans. Participants received explanations of the finer points of making coffee, from grinding the beans to pouring the perfect cup. They then tried brewing and tasting three varieties of coffee themselves.

The pleasant fragrance of freshly brewed coffee suffused the room, which was also filled with enthusiastic coffee talk between employees who had only just met. The seminar’s atmosphere was friendly from start to finish.

Participants had many positive comments about the seminar, such as “I think I can put this knowledge immediately into practice,” and “it was very informative.” We will continue to plan appealing events like this one that attract even more participants.

For more information, Please contact:
JFE Shoji Corporation
Public Relations Sec. General Administration Dept.

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