JFE General Managers Join in WFP Walk the World Osaka!

 Western District Steel Division general manager Shinji Kitajima and Osaka Plate Department general manager Shinichi Hagiwara participated in WFP Walk the World Osaka held on May 27 at Expo ’70 Commemorative Park.
 WFP Walk the World is an annual charity walk held in Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya that raises money for the UN’s World Food Programme. A portion of the participation fees is donated to help provide school meals in developing countries, thus helping to fight child hunger. The 2023 Osaka event drew 1,452 people, and after deducting expenses 1,123,860 yen was donated from the participation fees.
 Kitajima learned about the global hunger problem from a business partner working to solve the problem of food loss. After hearing about WFP Walk the World Osaka in the news, he knew he had to participate. He then invited Hagiwara, an avid walker, to join him. Hagiwara also empathized with the event’s mission, and the two signed up together.
 On the day of the walk, the highest temperature was 26.9°C and the sun was not too strong, making the conditions perfect for walking. With both Kitajima and Hagiwara being fit, they easily finished the ten-kilometer course.
 Speaking of his future aspirations, Kitajima said: “I hope to see the Osaka Office participating in more social contribution activities. I want the whole company to get excited about it!”

For more information, Please contact:
JFE Shoji Corporation
Public Relations Sec. General Administration Dept.

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