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JFE Shoji Electronics Proposes New Way to Remotely Manage Offshore Wind Power via AV

JFE Shoji Group company JFE Shoji Electronics Corporation announced that it has completed a joint development project with JFE Engineering Corporation to incorporate its audio and video system with ASUNAG, the integrated management system JFE Engineering uses in its offshore wind-power operation and maintenance (O&M) services.

While offshore wind-power generation is attracting attention as a source of renewable energy, the efficiency of O&M needs to improve. Particularly challenging is the cost of having to travel by ship to inspect wind farms. There is also uncertainty because personnel may not be able to reach the wind farms due to weather and sea conditions.

To solve these problems, the companies has integrated the audio and video system from JFE Shoji Electronics into JFE Engineering’s ASUNAG integrated management system. Three advantages of AV integration are:
1. Faster initial response: When an incident occurs at a wind farm, the situation can be remotely confirmed via audio and video, allowing for a quick initial response.
2. Lower maintenance and repair costs: The situation at the wind farm can be confirmed in real time using AV to identify component degradation and failure in advance, saving time.
3. Minimizing power generation losses: Sudden failures can be detected at an early stage, minimizing power generation losses.

Reference: Concept videoOther video data solutions offered by JFE Shoji Electronics (Only Japanese)
The entire JFE Group will continue to tackle social issues in accordance with the JFE Group Environmental Vision for 2050, which has the stated goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

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