Environment Management

Environment ManagementWe try to maintain the global environment on all sides of business
activities as a responsibility of a good corporate citizen.

Environment Management

The JFE Shoji Group has obtained ISO 14001 certification—the international standard for environmental management systems—to promote conservation of the global environment and a recycling-oriented society, and engages in related activities.

JFE Shoji Group Environmental Policy

[ Basic Philosophy ]

We recognize environmental problems as a vital issue facing all of humanity. As such, we are working to preserve the global environment to fulfill our responsibility as a corporate citizen and to contribute to society.

[ Corporate Code of Conduct ]

JFE Shoji group executes environmental management based on the following policies as the trading company which handles steel products, raw materials ,industrial machineries, the ship, chemicals, fuels, electronics, and conduct domestic sale, import-export business of various products.

1. Observe environmental laws and regulations and prevent pollution
We observe environmental laws, regulations and industrial standards in all our activities, and conduct those activities in ways designed to preserve the environment and prevent pollution.
2. Reduce energy consumption
We promote to reduce our energy consumption to prevent global warming.
3. Effectively utilize resources and promote recycling
We use resources as efficiently as possible and promote recycling.
4. Promote product trading activities that contribute to the environment
We focus on handling environmentally friendly products and environmentally friendly activities in our product trading activities to help preserve the global environment.
5. Promote environmental management and ongoing improvements
We establish environmental targets to achieve our environmental policy, and all employees promote environmental management. We also regularly review our environmental targets and revise them as necessary, and work on ongoing improvements to our environmental management system to boost our environmental performance.
6. Notify our employees and the public about our environmental policies
We notify our employees of our environmental policies and educate them about it so that they all understand it and act accordingly. We also make our environmental policies public.

[ Environmental Management Activities ]

JFE Shoji is constantly working to reduce the amount of power and paper it consumes. We also thoroughly sort and manage waste, and pursue other activities at our workplaces every day in our drive to reduce energy consumption. We also help preserve the global environment by providing environmentally friendly products, which is our primary business, and contribute to a recycling-oriented society by recycling scrap iron and aluminum.

[ ISO 14001 Certification and Registration ]

In 2000, JFE Shoji obtained ISO 14001 certification in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. All of our domestic branches and offices as well as twenty-four domestic Group companies—including ten manufacturing companies—have also earned certification. The entire JFE Shoji Group is in the process of implementing our environmental management system, and twelve of our Group manufacturing companies overseas have also obtained ISO 14001 certification.

[ Environmental Education ]

As part of our environmental education, the JFE Shoji Group conducts a general environmental education program for all employees and training for internal environmental auditors related to ISO 14001. We also implement measures at each Group company to raise awareness of environmental laws. This includes a comprehensive dissemination of information on legal compliance and supplying checklists for compliance with environmental laws and updates on legal amendments.

[ Environmental Risk Management ]

We confirm what must be checked by requiring annual self-checks using checklists for compliance with environmental laws as part of our efforts to spot and reduce environmental risks. Internal environmental audits are also conducted once a year at Group companies that have earned ISO 14001 certification. At Group companies that have not obtained certification, we conduct environmental audits once every three years to assess the status of legal compliance at their worksites.