Expanding Supply Source of Ferrous Scrap from USA

– JFE Shoji Trade America Inc. Acquired Eight Percent Stake in Advanced Steel Recovery, LLC. –


JFE Shoji Trade Corporation

JFE Shoji Trade Corporation ( President : Mikio Fukushima) through its Ferrous Raw Materials Department largely deals in ferrous scrap, which is currently mainly derived from the various factories in Japan, and has transactions domestically and internationally. JFE Shoji Trade Corporation through its wholly owned subsidiary, JFE Shoji Trade America, Inc., acquired an eight percent stake in Advanced Steel Recovery, LLC. (hereinafter ASR).

JFE Shoji Trade Corporation ( Ferrous Raw Materials Department )

JFE Shoji Trade Corporation’s Ferrous Raw Materials Department conducts business under the strategy of ensuring stable supply of ferrous scrap for JFE Group in Japan is expanding international trades especially intermediate trades, has handling volume of 3 million tons annually. In its international trades, the main activity is to export the ferrous scrap derived from the various factories in Japan to Korea and China in bulk.

The acquisition of an equity stake in ASR, enables the Department to expand its supply sources and to grab a growing demand for ferrous scrap in Asia through intermediate trade.

Advanced Steel Recovery, LLC

Headquartered in Southern California, ASR has established itself as the global leader in purchase and sale of containerized ferrous scrap. ASR owns “FASTek”, the first patented container loading system for bulk materials. FASTek provides a scalable, damage-free method for loading a container of ferrous scrap in under 5 minutes. ASR has distributed FASTek units throughout the Americas with immediate plans for deployment in Europe and other countries.

Company Information

Name : Advanced Steel Recovery, LLC.
Headquarter : California, USA
President and CEO : Nathan Frankel