Safety and Health

Safety and HealthWe promote group-wide safety and health management activities with the overall goal of ensuring safe and comfortable workplaces.

Safety and Health

Safety and health are the foundation of the JFE Shoji Group’s corporate activities. With “safety first” as our motto, we engage in safety and health activities with the overall goal of ensuring that our employees work in safe and comfortable environments.

[ JFE Shoji Group Health and Safety Management Policy ]

Our goal is to build an accident-free culture with everyone’s participation.
Basic Philosophy
Prioritize safety first
Activity Policy
Eliminate unsafe practices that lead to accidents
(Eliminate accidents resulting from contact with products, moving machinery, suspended objects and transport vehicles, as well as falls from high places.)

[ Priority measures ]

Our safety and health activities are designed to eliminate unsafe practices that lead to accidents, particularly serious accidents at coil centers and other workplaces.
Each Group company has a safety officer. These safety officers—who are constantly working to improve their skill levels—focus on the following critical issues at their respective companies:

  • (1) Strengthening work site patrols
  • (2) Installing safety monitors
  • (3) Faithfully implementing risk assessments and KY
  • (4) Identifying unsafe tasks, etc.

A safety officer meeting is held every other month so that these officers can share their knowledge and strategies. Through such efforts, we are raising the group-wide level of safety control and working together to create safe and secure workplace environments.