Quality Assurance

Quality AssuranceTo convey best product, our quality
assurance system is established thoroughly.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance activity of JFE Shoji Group

We have our motto of “The quality shall be prioritized. “ We progress to create the environment, which customers are satisfied with our quality every time.

[ Activities ]

1. Its processing centers in Japan and abroad are systematizing and automating operations to replace manual procedures and hence eliminate human errors.
2. In addition, employee awareness initiatives help to prevent human error. The company continues to strengthen quality education for employees, including by introducing internal and external case studies of non-conformance.
3. Furthermore, JFE Shoji recognizes that product processing is the key to assuring and improving quality and has therefore implemented a quality audit, in which all relevant Group companies in and outside of Japan are specifically audited on quality at least once a year. It is a mechanism for the company to confirm the quality of each processing center and provide advice.