CSR ActivitiesJFE Shoji Trade Group is dedicated to carrying out our business in a way
that earns our stakeholders’ trust and meets their expectation. And we will
fulfill social responsibility through providing utmost product every time.

We consider CSR activities as one of the most important management infrastructures and will enhance our current level more and more.

We establish our Management vision that is “ JFE Shoji Group will open up new markets as the pioneer for whole JFE Group, and aim to become a Value Creating Company that constantly seeks to create new value”. Based on this vision, we are progressing to enhance our management infrastructures which are the basis of our trading activities.

It will be indispensable for us to progress CSR activities under all kinds of situation to make our management infrastructures place higher level.

We have been making our efforts to enhance our initiatives and systems relating to internal controls, compliance, environmental management, safety, and hygiene to fulfill social responsibilities. In addition to the ordinary functions expected of a trading company, we are operating a large number of manufacturing affiliates in both domestic and overseas. This is indeed one of strengths that enable us to provide customers with products that meet their needs. Based on these operation, we strive to improve our quality control and quality assurance systems more and more. And we will keep our efforts to raise our presence in our communities and markets, so as to maximize the corporate value of the JFE Shoji Group.